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"...and in this crazy life...and through these crazy times..YOU make me sing♫...♫...♫...YOU're every song...and I sing along...YOU`re everything...
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"When something goes wrong in your life, just yell, "plot twist!" and move on."

Great Inspirational
Do not dwell in the past.
Do not dream of the future,
concentrate the mind
on the present moment........
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Great Motivational
Do not follow where the
path may lead. Go instead
where there is no path and
leave a trail.......
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Great Happiness
Happiness is a perfume
which you cannot pour
have some on you......
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Famous Friendship
Be with those
who bring out the
best in you, not
the stress in you......
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Great Love
Before I met you,
and smile for no reason.......
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Greta Thoughts
The wise man put one foot
forward while he stands firm
on the other; he'll not forsake
his former home, until he
finds another.......
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Great Women
To wear your heart on your
 sleeve isn't a very good plan,
you should wear it inside,
where it functions best....
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Develop a Mindset That Brings Happiness

Bitterness is a sign of emotional failure. It paralyzes our capacity to do good. Set your own standards. Be honest to yourself. Compete against yourself. Do the following:

  • Look for the positive in every person and in every situation.
  • Resolve to be happy.
  • Set your own standards judiciously.
  • Develop an immunity to negative criticism.
  • Learn to find pleasure in every little thing.
  • Remember all times are not the same. Ups and downs are part of life.
  • Make the best of every situation.
  • Keep yourself constructively occupied.
  • Helps others less fortunate than yourself.
  • Learn to get over things. Don't brood.
  • Forgive yourself and others. Don't hold guilt or bear grudges.

Character is Priceless

People want to be overnight successes at the cost of their conscience and it still doesn't work. That's because true values are priceless. The moment a price is put on values, the values lose their worth. No possible gain can make up for that loss.

It is good to have money and the things it can buy. But the most precious things in life, money just cannot buy.

What Money Cannot Buy

When money talks, it doesn't always talk sense. It is not uncommon to hear that everyone has a price. People who talk that language are really up for themselves. People with character, integrity and the right values are not for sale. Money will buy:

  • Amusements, but not happiness.
  • A bed, but not sleep.
  • Books, but not wisdom.
  • A clock, but not more time.
  • Companions, but not friends.
  • Finery, but not beauty.
  • Food, but not appetite.
  • A house, but not a home.
  • Medicine, but not health.
  • A ring, but not a marriage.

Super achiever don't waste time in unproductive thoughts, esoteric thoughts, or catastrophic thoughts. They think constructively and they know that their level of thinking determines their success. - Dr. Seymour Epstein

The Consequences Of A Negative Attitude

Life is an obstacle course and we become our biggest obstacle by having a negative attitude. People with negative attitudes have a hard time keeping friendships, jobs, marriages, and relationships. Negative attitudes lead to:

  • Bitterness
  • Resentment
  • A purposeless Life
  • Ill Health
  • High stress levels for themselves and others.
Negative attitudes create an unpleasant environment at home, at work and become a liability to society. They pass on their negative behavior to others around them and to the future generations.

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