Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Chanakya- Pithy Observation On Family

chanakya pithy observation on family 

Chanakya was undoubtedly ancient India's finest political strategist and thinker. Chanakya's amazing knowledge of human psychology, his masterly insight into every facet of human life.

Chanakya, also known as Kautilya a Vishnugupta, was an advisor and a prime minister to the first Mauryan Empire Chandragupta and architect of his rise to power.

The Teachings of Chanakya are the real nourishment of life, even if natural calamities change the face of the planet, the teaching of the great being spring forth a new, or from time to time they are unearthed old treasure, Such teachings are never destroyed, nor does the subtle presence of such divine beings ever diminished.

Chanakya's expounds his views with amazing foresight and clarity. He has a smattering of Pithy Observations on Women, Family Life, Human Relationships, Moral Conduct and Spirituality. His startling prophecies, meaningful reflections on everyday living and hard headed axioms makes him great...

1. If a man can discriminate between vice and virtue, and judiciously weigh the pros and cons of an action, prior to its execution, then he will live a life of happiness. He will only have to face nominal suffering.
2. A sincere family member always foresees imminent danger from foes. He unhesitatingly employs all his physical, mental and financial strengths, and works zealously towards helping his family.
3. If a man's son is loyal to him, and his wife is a faithful woman, content with her husband's earnings, then his family will be blessed by the grace of God. If all the members of a family live with mutual fellow-feeling, then that family should be regarded as a peerless one.
4. A man may suffer on numerous grounds. It is quite likely that his lack of intellect will agonize him. He may also suffer anguish on account of the imprudent decisions, that he was goaded into making in his youth. Gut these sufferings are minimal, compared to the agony of living with another's family. In a nutshell, it is most agonizing and embarrassing to live with a family, that is not one's own.
5. A wise man will always teach his sons about the morality of moral codes. Once they have acquired a through knowledge of the scriptures and morality, these sparkling gems will being immortal fame to their ancestry.
6. It is the first and foremost duty of parents to provide their children with an excellent education. Those parents who fail to do so, are their children's worst enemies. Uneducated children will always stand out as objects of ridicule in the company of those who are sagacious. They will look as awkward as herons among swam.
7. Too much parental affection will encourage vices in children. But firm and unyielding behavior from parents will nourish virtues. Hence, it is necessary to maintain strictness at home. Parents must lavish less love on sons and disciples. It is the duty of each father and mother to keep strict control over his sons and disciples, by enforcing rigid discipline. This will make them virtuous souls.
8. Children are similar to clay. The form they ultimately assume, will depend on how they were molded in their mouth.
9. Though there are innumerable trees in the forest, the fragrance exuded by the flowers of a single tree is enough to perfume the woodland. Similarly, though one may have only one virtuous son, his presence will exalt one's ancestry to glorious heights.
10. Only a single tree in the forest need be ablaze, to start a forest fire. The entire forest will be consumed by flames. Similarly if one of the descendants of a family chooses to live a wicked and licentious life, the reputation of the family will be destroyed in one fell swoop, and the entire clan will be wiped out..
11. Why do you crave for more sons? If one of your sons stands tall as a model of righteousness, then the whole clan can depend on his virtue and strength.
12. One's offspring should be loved generously up-to the age of five. For the next ten years, one should exercise strict control over them. When they reach the age of sixteen, one must treat them as one's friends.
13. An accomplished and virtuous son, is a thousand times better than a hundred foolish sons. The night sky is illuminated by the moon and the stars. But the millions of stars just cannot match the majestic splendor of the moon, as it lights up the dark heavens.
14. One feels little sorrow seeing the dead face of a depraved son. The bereavement will fade from one's memory with the passage of time. On the contrary, if he had been alive, he would have been a distressing presence in one's life.
15. If a son is neither learned, nor a devotee of the Lord, then he is the equivalent of a cow that can neither produce milk, nor proceed to a state of pregnancy.
16. Merely belonging to a illustrious lineage will not bring one any honor. Even if a man has descended from an inferior family, if he is erudite and accomplished, then he deserves to be honored.
17. Students must keep away from the following things: Lust, Anger, Greed, Flavored food, Undue Flamboyance, Merry-Making, Excessive Sleep and Servitude. Only if they abstain from these evils, can they whole-heatedly devote themselves to their studies
18. If one has an affectionate wife, a learned son, and one is prosperous and hospitable, then one is a blessed man.
19. A family in which the wife is accomplished, and the son is humble, is on par with Inderlok.
20. A man must give paternal status to five persons in his life. Firstly, to the one who sired him; secondly, to his savior in a perilous situation; and lastly, to his employer, whom he serves to earn his livelihood.