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50 Influential Chanakya Quotes on ethics of life

chanakya quotes on ethics

Chanakya is also known as 'kautilya' because of his kut-Niti or wicked diplomacy. He was a great diplomat. He is believed to be the author of Arthashastra or Economics, the classical Indian Treatise on statecraft, narrated how a state administration should be, even today Kautilya's 'Arthashastra' is a reference book for administrators. He was wise, clever, farsighted, and a well read person. His saying are better known as 'Chanakaya Niti'. Here are 50 Great Quotes and Saying from A Scheming Manipulator.

1. Just as a mirror reflects a mans face,his personality is reflected in his choice of friends. One must always be careful in forming friendships and acquaintances, for one's friends, are in a way, an extension of one's inner inclinations and tendencies.
2. When a man is affluent, there will be many people crowding around him. Under the guise of friendship, they all connive to fulfill their personal needs at his expense. The prosperous man is flattered by their show of adulation,  but remain unaware of their true intent.
3. Duplicity, abrupt displays courage, coquetry,deception, greed, profligacy and quarrelsomeness are the natural characteristics of a woman. One must not feel confounded, seeing her behave this way.
4. Children are similar to clay. The form they ultimately assume, will depend on how they are molded in their youth.
5. Life is ironical. Man's desires remain unfulfilled;his  achievements  remain unrealistic Since everything is in Kaamdev's (cupid) hands,one must learn to be content with one's lot. This is the sole way  to achieve happiness.
6. One must be secretive. Take the utmost care not to reveal one's heart to others. One must always act,after having carefully pondered over the blunders one has committed in the past. To succeed in this world of competition and rivalry, the virtue of secretiveness has to be acquired.
7. A prudent man is always on the alert for problems that may manifest themselves in the future. As a result, he is always equipped to meet them. The simpleton who behaves without any foresight, is forced to suffer the  consequences.
8. Diligence puts an end to one's penuryThe company of noble men and saints keeps one away from sin. Taciturnity helps one avoid unnecessary hostility. Constant alertness enables one to overcome fear. 
9. In the forest, only those trees with curved trunks escape the woodcutter's axe. The trees that stand straight and  tall,  fall to the ground. This only illustrates that it is not too advisable to live in  this world as an innocent, modest man.
10. Soil, sugar-cane, sesame, sandalwood and gold  will exhibit their inherent worth,only when they are  crushed and ground repeatedly.
11. If a man spends extravagantly without foresight, and tends to be parasitic, quarrelsome, and even ready  to enter into a sexual relationship with woman,  irrespective of her caste, creed or religion, then he will surely meet with an untimely death.
12. One cannot change the past, but one can ruin a perfectly good present by worrying about the future. The past is irrevocable, and the future is totally  unpredictable. Only  the present exists, so one should think of today. If one leads  the path of the present, then one will touch the peaks of happiness.
13. It is true that, as a man sows, so shall he reap. A man's destiny is governed solely by his actions.He, who is astute and perceptive, will always think carefully before carrying out an action. 
14. Even that, which is unattainable through effort, is attainable through a life of austerity. An austere life is even mightier than a forceful effort.
15. Birds deserts trees which are bare; a prostitute abandons a poor, destitute man; and subjects abandon a powerless king.This always holds true.
16. All excesses are hazardous. Sita, the ideal wifeand companion, was abducted by Ravana. Ravan's terrible self-conceit led to the devastation of his whole clan. Bali's excessively charitable nature led him to bondage. 
17. Once a man's  ambition is kindled, nothing can stop him. For a businessman, no country can be too far. For a wise man, there is no such thing as a foreign land. He is at home whenever he goes.
18. No man can escape the consequences of his actions. One's actions will chase one like an persistent shadow.  One creates one's own heaven or hell. Ultimately, emancipation can be attained only through rigorous effort and penance. 
19. Even if a snake is not poisonous. It should not stop hissing under any circumstances.The snake will have only its hiss to ward off human beings and protect itself. Without this protective pretenses, even a little child could stone it to death. A little ostentation is necessary in this world. Without the minimum of  ostentation,  a man's worth will remain unrecognized. 
20. Failure is the root cause of envy. When an unsuccessful man bears witness to the worldly accomplishments of another, his heart burns with envy. A man who is consumed by the flames of envy, suffers a loss of dignity and self-respect.He falls in his own eyes. 
21. Unity is an amazingly powerful concept.Thousands of scattered straws can easily be crushed by an elephant. But, when these straws are tightly bound together, they can thrash a gigantic elephant,  and bring him under control.
22. Only corrupt means can be used to handle a knave. Only diamonds can cut diamonds. A thorn must be used to remove a thorn. Remember this eternal truth.
23. Various jewels may look cheaper than plain glass, but their real worth cannot be concealed forever. One day the truth must surface. Even though paper flowers may be prettier than the real ones, they can never issue an  authentic balmy fragrance.
24. It is better to die, than to humiliate oneself  living a life tainted by disgrace. One experiences the pain of  death only for a split second. But it is agonizing to suffer  disrespect throughout one's life.
25. Luck always involves a minimum of diligence. One cannot lie idle beneath a mango tree, and expect a ripe mango to fall into one's hands. Luck will always elude one, who is unwilling to take pains to achieve his aims.
26. Do not hesitate in getting nectar even from poison if it be available and gold even from the filth. Accept good knowledge even from a pariah and good girl even from a low family. 
27. One worthy son is better than a hundred incompetent and useless sons. The moon also is capable of destroying the darkness which even thousand of stars fail to achieve. 
28. One well blossomed and sweet smelling flower is enough to turn the whole garden fragrant.Similarly, one worthy son is enough to bring glory to the whole family. 
29. Just one dry tree on catching fire, can burn the whole orchard to ashes, similarly, one incompetent, bad son ruins the entire family. 
30. Even if the destination or the desired object be far away or difficult to achieve one can reach it or get it if one is determined. Nothing is impossible for a determined person. 
31. Who gets all that one aspires for? Everything one gets is what is destined for one. Hence all must seek satisfaction in whatever they achieve.
32. Between the wicked and the snake, the snake is less evil because it strikes once while the wicked strings on every step. 
33. There are only two ways the wicked and the thorns should be dealt with; crush them by your shoes or go away from them. They shouldn't be dealt with leniently. 
34. If one's hear is tainted by immorality and sin,then one cannot profit from regular visits to pilgrim center. The heart of a debauched man has no salvation. Whatever the means employed,a wine container can never be purified. 
35. The age, perseverance, knowledge, education,prosperity and death of a man are determined by nature, as he lies nestled in his mother's womb.Man is a mere puppet in the hands of fate.He dances to destiny's tune. 
36. The wise man should put restraint on his sensual desires to control them and then only he should accomplish his work after assessing his strength in the context of time and space. 
37. Like gold is tested by rubbing, cutting, heating and beating, so also man is tested by his sacrifice, moral conduct, innate qualities and his action. 
38. The excessive beauty caused Sita to be eloped,the excessive arrogance caused Ravana's slaughter and excessive Charitable disposition cause the kin Bali to be duped. Hence excess is band everywhere. 
39. One should be apprehensive of the cause of fear till it is far off. But when it comes close, fight it undaunted. 
40. Never trust even your good friend, let alone the one, for in anger your friend can expose your secrets out of vengeance. 
41. Lack of practice makes the learning a poison;indigestion makes foods a poison; conferences breed venom for the poor and a young woman is poisonous for an old man. 
42. He whose wrath causes no fear and happiness gives no money; who neither can punish anyone nor show his favor-the anger of such a person is of no consequence. 
43. The trees growing at the bank of the rivers,the woman staying in someone else's house and the king denuded of the cabinet perish soon. 
44. That knowledge which is not used gets destroyed. Ignorance destroys the man. An army which has no commander gets destroyed and a woman without her husband gets destroyed. 
45. An unsatisfied Brahman and a satisfied King perish. A shy prostitute and a shameless bride of a noble family perish. 
46. Beauty of the virtue less, lineage of the wicked,knowledge of the undeserving, and wealth of the un-enjoyed perish 
47. Those who leave their own category and seek support of the other category perish like a country resorting to immoral means. 
48. Nothing is burdensome for a competent person.No place is far off for a trader. No land is a foreign strand for the scholar and no one is stranger for a man with a sweet tongue. 
49. Control greedy by money, the arrogant by submissiveness, the fool by preaching and the learned by telling him the reality. 
50. Gold has no fragrance, sugarcane have no fruits and the sandalwood has no flowers. A scholar is never wealthy and a king is never long aged. Implied by it also means that nothing is perfect in the world.