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50 Wise Words that sets forth a noble way of living which man can aspire to*

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The Pancatantra is a work of great art and artistry. Panchantra, is perhaps the oldest collection of Indian Fables still surviving. It is written around 200BC by the great Hindu Scholar Pandit Vishnu Sharma. Panchantra means "the five books". It is a "Nitishashtra" which means book of wise conduct in life. The book is written in the form of simple stories and each story has a moral and philosophical theme which has stood more. The Pancatantra is one of the earliest books of fables and its influence can be seen in The Arabian Nights, The Decameron, The Canterbury Tales and most notably in Fables of La Fontaine.

The Pancatantra has not only been enormously popular as an entertaining (and instructive) work of fiction, it has also had great influence on world literature as no other work of Indian literature has had.

The aim of the Pancatantra is to inculcate the importance of a harmonious development of all the powers of man, the balance, the needs and demands of the individual in society so that the ethical, social, material and emotional aspects of personality may be integrated and lead to a life that is lived wisely and well in the truest sense of these terms. The Pancatantra sets forth a very civilized view of life: a noble way of living which man can aspire to!

50 Best Wise Quotes About Life

1. Give a woman fine foods 
and clothes, ornaments as well; and be nice;
most of all, approach her at proper times,
but never ask her for advice. 

2.  Greed alone befuddles the minds
of even the learned and the rich;
it drives them to do horrendous deeds
and roam in strange, impassable regions.

3.  Possessing mere book-learning 
men remains fools;
the man who acts using his knowledge, he is wise;
however, carefully selected
nor drug can care the sick by mere 
mention of its name. 

4.   Far better that a man have no sons born or, 
that born they die; though there be grief, if passes
 soon; But, to have living sons, who turn out fools,
and obstinate fools at that, that indeed
is a lifelong misery hard to bear.

5.   Let the wealth you earn circulate and you keep
 it still. Water in a full tank, lacking an outlet
spills over and goes to waste. 

6.   Wealth lures wealth as tame elephants the wild;
wealth cannot be earned by wishful thinking;
there can be no trade without wealth.

7.   The man who lets the wealth that Fortune showers on him, sit idle, finds no happiness in this world, nor in the next.  What is he then?   
A confounded fool performing 
watchman's role.'

8.   If a man does not hold dear the well-being 
of parents, kin,  dependents, and himself, 
what good is his living in the world of men?
A crow too lives long eating 
Ritual offerings.

9.  If a father or brother, a son or friend, 
 is intent on practicing on your life,  
he doubtless deserve to be slain, if you wish to survive and prosper. 

10.  A man who acts with condor towards a foe, 
a false friend, or toward women,
especially those for sale,
will not long survive.

11.   A lone tree firmly rooted, and mighty,
is no match even for a moderate wind;
whereas trees densely packed in groves,
firmly rooted. Stand still.

12.  Warriors and scholars,
and beautiful young women 
make a home for themselves
wherever they go. 

13.  Kill a foe when he is down
before he grows in strength;
once he gains his fullest vigor
he will become invincible.

14.  Do only that which it is right to do;
even as the breath struggles in the throat,
what is not right do not attempt to do,
even as the breath struggles in the throat.

15.  When you do not know someone's strength,
or his lineage and conduct, 
it is not wise to trust him,
and that is in your best interest.

16.   Words should be used wisely and well;
spoken where they would yield rich fruit.
Colors take the firmest hold and brightest, 
on whitest cloth.

17.   If a man should undertake something, 
lacking knowledge of resources and energies,
his best efforts will not shine forth, 
even as moonlight on the Snow Mountain, 
though brilliant, does not.'

18.   Servants and ornaments are to be placed

each in the position right for them: to say, 
'I can do this, so I shall,' and fasten a crest-jewel 
on the foot- that's not done.

19.  The weak, if wary and mistrustful,

can easily withstand the strongest;
the strong who are foolish and trustful,
may be overwhelmed by the weakest.

20.   Where  no distinction is made between the right hand and the left, there, no gentlemen will care to stay an instant, if he has another way.


21.   In a place where no difference is perceived

between a priceless gem with eye of fire and a fragment of pale crystal, how can a gem-trade flourish there?

22.   A horse, a weapon, a text, a lute,

a voice,a man and a women- they perform ill, 
or well, according to who masters them.

23.   A man might confide some things to his wife,

some to his close friends, and some to his son;
these deserve his trust: but not reveal
all matters to everyone in sight.

24.   A true and tested friend, a faithful wife, a loyal servant, a powerful master, disclosing his troubles to these a man discovers great relief.'


25.   The wise man puts one foot forward while he stands firm on the other: he'll not forsake his former home, until he finds another.


26.  A fine gem fit to grace a gold jewel, if mounted in a cheap tin setting, doesn't scream, nor refuses to gleam. it's the jeweler who's put to shame.


27.   A blade of grass bends low, powerless,

tosses about, light, lacking inner strength,
A man who lacks a sense of honor and pride,
is like a pitiful blade of grass.

28.   The weak, if wary and mistrustful,can easily 
withstand the strongest;the strong who are foolish 
and trustful,may be overthrown 
by the weakest.

29.  A person's state of mind makes known,

what manner of man he is; entering it, one with experience quickly gains control
 over that man.

30.   The learned, the brave, and he who well knows how to serve, they are the three who plucks

the flower of Gold in the world.

31.   A hurricane does not uproot the pliant grass

that bends low before its fury; it snaps only proud, 
lordly trees; A man of might lets his valor speak
only to others of equal might.'

32.  With greatest effort are stones carried uphill,

and with the greatest ease they do,
they tumble down.

33.   What a man watches or does

or yearns for during the day
he does the same at night in his sleep.
He talks about it; he acts it out.

34.   One without ambition does not hold office;

one fallen out of love does not care to adorn himself; one who lacks learning displays no eloquence; one who is blunt in speech 
is never a cheat.'

35.  A chalice of trust and affection, a sanctuary from sorrow, anxiety and fear-who created this priceless gem-a friend.


36.  Those who enjoy happy times, friends with dear friends, lovers with their beloved,

joyful with the joyous only they 
'live life to the fullest'
they are the salt of the earth.

The man whose days come and go
undistinguished by righteousness
is like a blacksmith's bellows;
he breathes but doesn't live. 

38.   Falsehood and daring, folly and deceit,

uncleanness of body and spirit too,
excessive greed, and lack of compassion,
these vices are inborn in women.

39.   Altered speech, changing complexion,

eyes darting from side to side in alarm,
drooping, broken in spirit: 
such a man having committed 
a crime is afraid of
 his own act.

40.   The man who appears in open court

calm and cheerful, with smiling face, defiant eye,
and speaks in clear, firm tones with confident pride,
know him to be true and upright.

41.  Never grant asylum to any person,

whose character is not known to you;
it was Drone's mistake, we know
that led to poor crawly's death.

42.  The fruit of action good and bad,

done in the previous life still attend us,
put in place by fate,
without further effort on our part.

43.  A horse, a weapons, and a text, 

a lute, a voice, a man and woman,
they acquaint themselves ill or well
according to the one 
who uses them.

44.  Whoever, clasps stranger close to his heart,

forsaking those in his close counsels,
will assuredly meet his death.

45.   Better take a walk with a snake;

or share your home with rogues or foes;
never put your trust in evil friends,
false, fickle and foolish.

46.   Fear danger while it's still to come;

once you're face to face with danger,
strike hard, with no hesitation.

47.   The sinful acts the ignorant commit for the sake of a single life, bring them only sorrows that extend over a thousand recurring lives.


A wise person takes a man's true measure 
at one shrewd glance, as an expert jeweler gauges
 the true weight  of metal by simply 
holding it on his palm.

49.   Land, friends, or gold are the triple fruits of war; 
in the absence of even one of these a war.
a man is foolhardy to star.

50. He who has no sense of time and place,

and of what is right and proper;
who doesn't know a thing beyond himself;
who acts without due deliberation;
he is a fool who reaps no reward.

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