Monday, September 9, 2013

Chanakya - His Teachings And Advice

CHANAKYA was undoubtedly ancient India's finest political strategist and thinker. Chanakya's brand of wisdom is ageless and immutable. Chanakya expounds his smattering of Pithy observations on women, family life, human relationships, moral conduct and spirituality. His startling prophecies, meaningful reflection on everyday living and hard-headed axioms, make him a rich repository of profundity and reason. His teachings are like the comforting hand of mother like a raft to save you from floundering in the ocean of life. He has kept you from getting lost in the dead of night.
Chanakya's amazing knowledge of human psychology his masterly insight into every facet of human life can be seem reflected in the following maxims.

  • Worship of elders is the root of humility.
  • With wisdom one can prosper.
  • Work is the root of wealth.
  • Nothing is attainable by the truthful.
  • Donation is righteousness.
  • The bonds of good conduct should never be crossed.
  • The untrustworthy should not be trusted.
  • Good behavior wins even on enemy.
  • The low minded are fond of deception.
  • No one should ever be disrespected.
  • Donation follow wealth.
  • Don't debate with fools.
  • Desire for others prosperity is the root of destruction.
  • Over indulgence in senses ages one fast.
  • One should serve a learned master.
  • There is no enemy equal to arrogance.
  • Fame is glorified by learning.
  • Modesty is the ornament of women.
  • A sound intellect in a sound body.
  • Prosperity depends on the intellect.
  • Truth leads one to heaven.
  • Good living enhances life span and reputation.
  • There is no scripture greater than good conduct.
  • Women is the field of all evil.

The Teachings of Chanakya are the real nourishment of life. Even if years and centuries go by, even if natural calamities change the face of the planet, the teaching of the great beings spring forth a new. Or from time to time they are unearthed old treasure perhaps, but still alive with consciousness still essentials. Such teachings are never destroyed. nor does the subtle presence of such divine beings ever diminish. Chanakya was Brahmin by caste and he lived during the period 350-275 B.C.

Chanakya was actively involved with Chandragupta Emperor of India as his Chief Minister between 323 and 298 B.C. and gave him his wise advice in all critical and crucial state-related matters.

Chanakya has given considerable thought to each goal of life and as a result, is in a position to give valuable advice on each precept. All the assignments begin after discussion and advice.

  1. If right advice is followed success comes early.
  2. The secrets of state should not be revealed to anyone.
  3. Our rivals get to know our secrets if we are proud.
  4. Secrets thoughts and opinions must be secured with all means.
  5. Right planning is like wealth which makes progress in the state.
  6. One should not be stubborn during counselling/discussion.
  7. When the opinions are discussed among many people, the opinions are judge well.
  8. A friend who keeps his friendliness even during difficult days is a true friend.
  9. People become friends or enemies due to some reasons.
  10. Iron can not join unless it is heated.
  11. Only powerful should attack on the weak. Don't fight with equally or more powerful people.
  12. The shelter of a weak brings sadness.
  13. A person indulged in bad habits can never be successful in his assignments.
  14. A person indulged in gambling can not complete any of his assignments.
  15. A person indulged in sexual activities can not accomplish any of his assignments.
  16. A person is responsible for his development or ruin.
  17. All the assignments can be accomplished with a few endeavors, if money is available.
  18. Work is not difficult if properly planned.
  19. An accomplished work can be ruined if it is not properly projected.
  20. A work is completed if the person is determined to do.
  21. Fortune follows the velour.
  22. Fortune helps only the hard-working people. A person who depends only on his fortune achieves nothing.
  23. Decision should be taken before beginning a work.
  24. A fickle minded/an unsteady person can never get success in any work.
  25. It is rare to furnish a work without any flaw.
  26. Even a lucky fellow who does his work without proper thinking/planning is deprived of wealth.
  27. The things must be examined through probe and knowledge.
  28. The one who knows the proper tactics can make a difficult task easy.
  29. The work done by ignorant people should not be given any importance.
  30. Fools start looking for flaws if difficulties in work come.
  31. A calf attacks on the udder of mother cow for milk.
  32. The persons who run away from their responsibilities can never nourish their dependents.
  33. Never share your secrets with a low-grade person.
  34. A person of polite nature is even insulted by his dependents.
  35. A intellect who does not remain serious, never receives honor from the society.
  36. The anger of fools ruins them only.
  37. Nothing is impossible for truthful people.
  38. Success can not be achieved only with bravery.
  39. The destruction in present is better than the destruction in future.
  40. Only one who ignores the money coming from injustice is a holy man.
  41. The faith should be secured more than life.
  42. The one who listens to a back-bitter is even deserted by his wife and son.
  43. Never rely on a loose character person.
  44. Even a favor done by an enemy can be harmful.
  45. With the support of a talented person an untalented person becomes talented.
  46. Water mixed poured into milk becomes milk.
  47. Soil if remains in touch with flower produces fragrance.
  48. Silver become gold when mixed with gold.
  49. A foolish person does wrong in lieu of right.
  50. A sinful person is not afraid of ill-fame.
  51. Even fortune is ruined in absence of enthusiasm.
  52. Dive into water and draw benefits like a fisher.
  53. Those who are not reliable, never trust on them. Poison is poison in every circumstances.
  54. If you want to save your money, leave the company of your enemies.
  55. Every relationship is linked with the target.
  56. Keep your enemy engaged in artificial behavior till you find his weakness.
  57. Attack only on the weakness of an enemy.
  58. Never tell anyone about your weakness.
  59. No advice should be given to a bad person.
  60. True love is expressed not in words but in deeds.
  61. An impatient person gets ruined on enjoying luxuries in excess.
  62. Don't argue with fools.
  63. Speak to a fool in a fool's language.
  64. A fool does not have any friend.
  65. Only religion holds a man.
  66. A person wins the world through religion.
  67. The present calamities are forecast by the behavior of nature.
  68. Virtue less intelligence destroys itself.
  69. Never tell any secret things to a back-bitter.
  70. Even if mother is bad, she deserved to be deserted.
  71. If a stranger is your well-wisher, treat him like your brother.
  72. If an ugly person possesses wealth, he becomes a person of beautiful appearance.
  73. A mean fellow is not afraid of insult.
  74. Skilled people are not afraid of losing their livelihood.
  75. The people who do right are not afraid of death.
  76. Awareness at every time becomes the cause of success.
  77. The skills of a lose character are to increase the sinful activities.
  78. If you make a snake drink milk, you increase its venom/not nectar.
  79. There is no enemy like hunger.
  80. A man who expects flower, never waters a dry plant.
  81. Performing a task which makes no money is like dragging oil from sand.
  82. The conduct can not be changed.
  83. The punishment should be given according to the mistake.
  84. A fool always finds faults with others, he never sees his own faults.
  85. More honor offered by old friends/acquaintances is suspicious.
  86. A wife is a shackle without iron.
  87. One who excels in a particular field, that person should be given that job only.
  88. Don't rely upon women.
  89. Women don't have wordily wisdom and moral ethics.
  90. Talent in abundance is covered by jewels.
  91. Shyness is the jewels of women.
  92. Never increase intimacy with a women who works in a royal palace.
  93. The one who is going to be ruined, the good thoughts don't come to him.
  94. Age and fame are increased by good conduct.
  95. Don't follow one leaving many.
  96. Don't make relations with crafty people though you are lucky.
  97. Loan, enemy and diseases should be destroyed from the root.
  98. Development or destruction is controlled by one's speech/tongue.
  99. Tongue is the source of poison or nectar.
  100. One addicted to gambling does not accomplish anything.