Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Sutras of Chanakya

chanakya sutras and his teachings

CHANAKYA was an epoch-making personality. His was the time when India was emerging out of the 'Dark Age'. The old values were losing their relevance and the new were yet to be established. Chanakya was the first thinker of the ancient times who nurtured the sense of nationalism and inculcated in the minds of the people that they owed their basic allegiance to the Rajya (state of Nation) and not the dharma. 

Chanakya's collection of aphorisms relating to some aspect of the conduct of life. A sutra is an aphorism or a collection of aphorisms in the form of a manual or, more broadly, a text in Hinduism or Buddhism!! 

  1. One who has the divine knowledge but does not have worldly wisdom is like a fool !
  2. Success is achieved in all assignments by forgiving! 
  3. Heaven can be achieved by holy deeds/penance! 
  4. Vice and virtue are committed by men. So there should not be excessive love with body! 
  5. The lamp of science removes the fear of the world! 
  6. The learned people are not afraid of the world!
  7. Nonviolence is the symptom of religion! 
  8. One's face becomes according to one's conduct! 
  9. Character is identified by one's behavior! 
  10. Conduct is more important than religion! 
  11. The purpose of divine knowledge is to find the actual knowledge of all the things! 
  12. Religion is according to social behavior! 
  13. Never reveal your secrets to anyone! 
  14. Intelligent people/wise men have no enemy! 
  15. A son should never be praised! 
  16. A bad person hides his expressions of heart and expresses something else! 
  17. Noblemen consider the troubles of others like their own troubles! 
  18. Where one gets happiness, is the good place! 
  19. Good qualities are according to one's physical appearance! 
  20. Company of noble men is like living in heaven! 
  21. Books suggesting idleness are liked by fools! 
  22. An enemy appears like a friend when your wisdom/intelligence gets corrupt! 
  23. Give as much respect to a guest at you home as much is possible! 
  24. A man blind of money does not listen to learned people's opinion! 
  25. One should not praise one's own self! 
  26. Don't stay even with your mother in loneliness! 
  27. Hope removes the hesitation! 
  28. One can't be patient only if one hopes more! 
  29. Wealth does not stay with a man who-only hopes! 
  30. Money earned using bad practice is consumed by bad people only! 
  31. Never be impatient for a thing which is gone in other's hand! 
  32. There is no favor/obligation like charity! 
  33. A wise enemy is better than a foolish friend! 
  34. Final emancipation is the solution of all the miseries! 
  35. The learned of divine knowledge know the importance of an important mission! 
  36. A man who remains away from bad habits never fall a prey to women! 
  37. Women are fickle minded! 
  38. A woman can not judge the qualities of man! 
  39. Women are the roots of all the evils! 
  40. Redemption can not be achieved if one falls in love with women! 
  41. Divine knowledge is not more worthy than social manners! 
  42. Where divine knowledge is absent, follow social manners! 
  43. Don't enter other's homes without any order! 
  44. Discuss the divine source of universe with intellects! 
  45. A man himself invites his miseries! 
  46. Even a ripe neem does not become an oak tree! 
  47. One builds one's character according to the basis of one's family! 
  48. One does according to one's roots! 
  49. Excellence doesn't always give birth to good qualities! 
  50. A firefly may shine immensely but it does not make fire! 
  51. Don't fight with the powerful when you are supported by a powerless/a weak! 
  52. Where source of water is found without any efforts that place should be your place/home! 
  53. No honor is given if a man loves his money more! 
  54. Noblemen work for their religion/noble conduct! 
  55. The one who speaks sweet, has no rival/enemy! 
  56. Tongue is the source of poison or nectar! 
  57. There is no place except hell for a sinner! 
  58. Loan, enemy and diseases should be destroyed from the roots! 
  59. Don't make relations with crafty people though you are lucky! 
  60. Age and fame are increased by good conducts! 
  61. A bad person has no friend! 
  62. One can live in the society by following truth only! 
  63. Never have sex with a woman who is not yours! 
  64. If favor is done to a crafty man, he does not feel obliged but becomes an enemy! 
  65. No favor should be done to a crafty man! 
  66. The one who is going to be ruined, the good thoughts don't come to him! 
  67. A son is the one who can remove all the troubles of his parents! 
  68. Never increase intimacy with a woman who works in a royal palace! 
  69. Where noblemen are more, is a good country! 
  70. Shyness is the jewel of women! 
  71. Don't rely upon women! 
  72. One who excels in a particular field, that person should be given that job only! 
  73. Rich people don't exert themselves for pious work. If they do, they have any selfish motive! 
  74. Too much affection gives birth to a flaw! 
  75. Today's pigeon is better than tomorrow's peacock! 
  76. More honor offered by old friends/acquaintances is suspicious! 
  77. A fool always finds faults with others, he never sees his own faults! 
  78. The conduct can not be changed! 
  79. Flaws can not be hidden in introduction! 
  80. The one who wants to get success in his work never tests his success with the help of his stars!
  81. Performing a task who makes no money is like dragging oil from sand! 
  82. A man who expects flower, never waters a dry plant! 
  83. It is very difficult to get a precious stone! 
  84. The men are worshiped because of their qualities only! 
  85. Nectar should be taken even from poison! 
  86. The good qualities of an enemy should be taken! 
  87. The skills of a mean fellow should not be adopted! 
  88. Knowledge spreads fame! 
  89. Knowledge can not be stolen by thieves! 
  90. A small flowerless mango is destroyed by the wasps! 
  91. A poor person is even insulted by his wife! 
  92. A beneficial sentence uttered by a poor man remains unheard! 
  93. There is no enemy bigger than one's own pride! 
  94. A good person should not marry a mean fellow! 
  95. Women get old very early if they don't coition! 
  96. If you make a snake drink milk, you increase its venom/not nectar! 
  97. The skills of a loose character are to increase the sinful activities! 
  98. Awareness at every time becomes the cause of success!
  99. A dead person has nothing to do with a medicine! 
  100. The people who do right are not afraid of death!
  101. Religious practices can only be performed with wealth.
  102. State's glory comes from wealth.
  103. It's better for a state to be without a king inspite of being ruled over by a low esteemed king.
  104. One wheel can not run a vehicle.
  105. All the assignments begin after discussion and advice.
  106. If right is followed success comes early.
  107. The secrets of state should not be revealed to anyone.
  108. Our rivals get to know our secrets if we are proud.
  109. Right planning is like wealth which makes progress in the state.
  110. The persons who know the difference between useful as well as futile actions should be made ministers.
  111. A friend who keeps his friendliness even during difficult days is a true friend.
  112. A lazy person can not achieve anything.
  113. Policies related to a foreign country should be in accordance with other foreign countries.
  114. Iron can not join unless it is heated.
  115. A raw clay pot gets broken if it hits another unformed clay pot.
  116. Don't ignore the activities of neighboring countries even if you have a treaty with them.
  117. The shelter of a weak brings sadness.
  118. Use diplomacy to divide the two people who are jealous of you.
  119. A person indulged in gambling can not complete any of his assignments.
  120. If the ethics of government are not followed even ministers start making mistakes.
  121. A person is responsible for his development or ruin.
  122. Work is not difficult if properly planned.
  123. An accomplished work can be ruined if it is not properly projected.
  124. Fortunes follows the valor.
  125. Decision should be taken before beginning a work.
  126. A fickle minded/an unsteady person can never get success in any work.
  127. Don't begin a work which can not be completed.
  128. Even a lucky fellow who does his work without proper thinking/planning is deprived of wealth.
  129. A person who excels in a particular field should be given that work only.
  130. The work done by ignorant people should not be given any importance.
  131. Don't be kind towards harmful people.
  132. The one who depends on luck never achieves success in his/her assignments.
  133. Evaluate your power before commencing any work.
  134. The one who knows the innocence of a cow consumes milk.
  135. Never share your secrets with a low-grade person.
  136. A person of polite nature is even insulted by his dependents.
  137. An intellect who does not remain serious, never receives honour from the society.
  138. The one who depicts the flaws of others in a gathering/an assembly, illuminates his own flaws.
  139. The anger of fools ruins them only.
  140. Nothing is impossible for truthful people.
  141. The money which comes from ill-methods only makes us feel its existence.
  142. One flaw can destroy many qualities.
  143. Never rely on a loose character person.
  144. Even a favor done by an enemy can be harmful.
  145. Water mixed poured into milk becomes milk.
  146. Soil if remains in touch with flower produces fragrance.
  147. Silver becomes gold when mixed with gold.
  148. A foolish person does wrong in lieu of right.
  149. A sinful person is not afraid of ill-fame.
  150. Dive into water and draw benefits like a fisher.
  151. Keep your enemy engaged in artificial behavior till you find his weakness.
  152. Attack only on the weakness of an enemy.
  153. Never tell anyone about your weakness.
  154. Usually enemies attack on one's weakness only.
  155. No advice should be given to a bad person.
  156. An impatient man has no present and future.
  157. Don't argue with fools.
  158. Speak to a fool in a fool's language.
  159. One should cut iron with iron only.
  160. Only religion holds a man.
  161. The present calamities are forecast by the behavior of nature.
  162. Virtue-less intelligence destroys itself.
  163. Never tell any secret things to a back-biter.
  164. Never listen to the secrets of others.
  165. Even if mother is bad, she deserves to be deserted.
  166. If an ugly person possesses wealth, he becomes a person of beautiful appearance.
  167. Awareness at every time becomes the cause of success.
  168. A good person should not marry a mean fellow.
  169. There is no enemy bigger than one's own pride.
  170. A beneficial sentence uttered by a poor man remains unheard.
  171. Knowledge spread fame.
  172. Nectar should be taken even from poison.
  173. Flaws can not be hidden in introduction.
  174. The conduct can not be changed.
  175. The punishment should be given according to the mistakes.
  176. The jewels should be in accordance with one's status.
  177. A fool always finds faults with others, he never sees his own faults.
  178. More honour offered by old friends/acquaintances is suspicious.
  179. Those, who depend on vehicles, don't take trouble to walk on foot.
  180. Women don't have worldly wisdom and moral ethics.
  181. Don't rely upon women.
  182. The one who is going to be ruined, the good thoughts don't come to him.
  183. Don't follow one leaving many.
  184. No honor is given if a man loves his money more.
  185. A man himself invites his miseries.
  186. People behave after seeing other's behavior.
  187. Redemption can not be achieved if one falls in love with women.
  188. Sand of desert looks like water to a greedy person.
  189. No body should be sad in facing misfortune.
  190. One who has the divine knowledge but does not have worldly wisdom is like a fool.
  191. If a person expects happiness from a womanly man, that person can neither reach heaven nor he can perform any religious activities.
  192. Never violate the limits.
  193. IL-fame is the biggest fear among all fears.
  194. The good qualities of even barbarians can be adopted.
  195. A man receives honor because of his intelligence.
  196. The one who permeates welfare of others is the noble man.
  197. One's soul is the witness of one's conduct.
  198. A cow, even obstinate/irritable is better than thousand dogs.
  199. One gets as much glamour as much wisdom he has.
  200. Noble men work for their religion/noble conduct.