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Friday, February 13, 2015

100 Motivational Quotes Igniting The Spark Of Action!

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Most people are good people, but they can do better, and most people already know what to do to improve their lives. But the question is why aren't they doing it?

What is missing is the spark-motivation. The most powerful motivation comes from within our belief system. To move into action, we need to believe in what we do and accept responsibility for our life. When we accept responsibility for our behavior and actions, our attitudes toward life becomes positive. We become more productive, both personally and professionally. Our relationships improve both at home and at work. Life becomes more meaningful and fulfilling. Motivation is powerful. It can persuade, convince and propel you into action. It is a force that can literally change your life. Here are some of the best Motivational Quotes to get you up and get you moving.

1 Motivation is what gets you started. 
Habit is what keeps you going.
~Jim Ryan

2 You don't have to be great to start, 
but you have to start
 to be great.
~Zig Zagler

3 Even if you fall on your face you're 
still moving forward.
 ~Victor Kiam

4 Good things come to those who wait, 
but only those things left by
those who hustle.
~Abraham Lincoln

5 It's always too early to quit. 
~Normal Vincent Peale

6 Leap, and the net will appear.
~John Burroughs

7 Go for it now. The future is 
promised to no more.
~Wayne Dyer

8 One finds limits by pushing them.
~Herbert Simon

9 Don't wait to strike till the iron is hot;
but make it hot by striking.
~William Butler

10 The wise does at once what the 
fool does at last.
~Baltasar Gracian

11 Do not watch the clock. Do what it 
does keep going.
~Sam Levenson

12 Step by step and thing is done. 
~Charles Atlas

13 I've failed over and over and over again. 
And that is why I succeed.
~Michael Jordan

14 The secret of getting ahead is 
getting started.
~Mark Twain

15 Always do your best. What you plant 
now, you will harvest later.
~Og Mandino

16 If you can dream it, you can do it.
~Walt Disney

17 Either you run the day or 
the day runs you.
~Jim Rohn

18 Act as it what you do makes 
a difference. It does. 
~William James

19 Don't raise your voice, improve 
your arguments.

20 What seems to us as bitter trials are 
often blessing in disguise. 
~Oscar Wilde

21 The distance between insanity and 
genius is measured only by success. 
~Bruce Feirstein

22 When you stop chasing the wrong things
 you give the right things a chance 
to catch you. 
~Lolly Daskal

23 If you can't explain it simply, 
you don't understand 
it well enough.
~Albert Einstein

24 Do one thing every day 
that scares you. 

25 Knowledge is being aware of what 
you can do.Wisdom is knowing 
when not to do it.

26 The ones who are crazy enough to think 
they can change the world, 
are the ones that do.

27 No one can make you feel inferior 
without your consent.
~Eleanos Roosevelt

28 A successful man is one who can lay a 
firm foundation with the bricks others 
have thrown at him. 
~David Brinkley

29 I have not failed. I've just found 
10,000 ways that won't work.
~Thomos A. Wdison

30 Great minds discuss ideas; 
average minds discuss events;
 small minds discuss people. 
~Eleanor Roosevelt

31 Try not to become a person of success, 
but rather try to become a 
person of value.
~Albert Einstein

32 Opportunities don't happen, 
you create them. 
~Chris Grosser

33 If you do what you always did,
 you will get what you 
always got. 

34 Good things come to people who wait, 
but better things come to those 
who go out and get them.

35 All our dreams can come true if
 we have the courage
 to pursue them. 
~Walt Disney

36 Trust because you are willing to
 accept the risk, not because it's
 safe or certain. 

37 If you are not willing to risk the usual 
you will have to settle 
for the ordinary. 
~Jim Rohn

38 To live a creative life, we must lose 
our fear of being wrong. 

39 Things work out best for those who 
make the best of how 
things work out. 
~John Wooden

40 If you want to achieve greatness 
stop asking for permission.

41 There has never been a meaningful 
life built on easy street.
~John Paul Warren

42 The here and now is all we have, 
and if we play it right it's 
all we'll need.
~Ann Richards

43 You become what 
you believe.
~Oprah Winfrey

44 Times will change for the better 
when you change.
~Maxwell Maltz

45 It is never too late to be what 
you might have been. 
~George Eliot

46 Not all dreamers are winners,
 but all winners are dreamers. 
~Mark Gorman

47 There are no traffic jams along 
the extra miles.
~Roger Staubach

48 First you say to yourself what you 
would be; and then do what
 you have to do.

49 A person who never made a mistake 
never tried anything new. 
~Alber Einstein

50 At the end of the day, let there be 
no excuses, no explanations, 
no regrets.
~Steve Maraboli

51 One of the most common causes of
failure is the habit of quitting when one is
overtaken by temporary defeat.
~Napoleon Hill

52 Success is not final, failure is not fatal,
it is the courage to continue that counts.
~Winston Churchill

53 Sometimes being pushed 
to the wall gives you the momentum 
necessary to get over it.
~Peter de jager

54 Even if you are on the
right track, you'll get run over
if you just sit there.
~Will Rogers

55 If you cannot do great things,
do small things in a great way.
~Napoleon Hill

56 Ships in harbor are safe,
but that's not what ships 
are built for.
~John Shed

57 You have to take risks, we will only
understand the miracle of life fully when we
allow the unexpected to happen.
~Paulo Coelho

58 I have not failed, I have just found 
10,000 ways that won't work.
~Thomas Alva Edison

59 Everybody is a genius. But if you
 judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, 
it will live its whole life  believing
  that it is stupid.
~Albert Einstein

60 The greatest accomplishment is
not in never falling but in rising 
again after you fall.
~Vince Lombardi

61 If your ship doesn't come in.
Swim out to it.
~Jonathan Winters

62 The only way to do great work is to love
 what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle. As with all matters 
of the heart, you'll know 
when you find it.
~Steve Jobs

63 I can accept failure, everyone fails
 at something. But I can't accept 
not trying again.
~Michael Jordan

64 Don't waste your time with 
explanations. People only hear 
what they want to hear.
~Paulo Coelho

65 Don't get discouraged: it is 
often the last key in the bunch 
that opens the lock.

66 Ability may get you to the top,
but it takes character to
 keep you there.
~John Wooden

67 He chooses the beginning of a road,
also chooses its outcome.
~Zig Ziglar

68 Everything has beauty,
 but not everyone can see.

69 When one door of happiness closes,
 another opens, but often we look so long at 
the closed door that we do not see the
 one that has been opened for us.
~Helen Keller

70 Start where you are. Use what you have.
 Do what you can.
~Arthur Asha

71 If opportunity doesn't knock
build a door.
~Milton Berle

72 When you want to succeed
as bad as you want to breath,
Then you'll be successful.
~Eric Thomas

73 Move out of your comfort zone
you can only grow if you are willing to
feel awkward and uncomfortable
when you try something new.
~Brian Tracy

74 The one who follows the crowd
will usually get no further than the crowd.
The one who walks alone, is likely to find 
himself in places no one is ever been.
~Albert Einstein

75 It always seems impossible
until it's done.
~Nelson Mandela

76 A smooth sea never made
a skillful sailor.

77 I will always choose a lazy person
to do a difficult job. Because, he will find
an easy way to do it.
~Bill Gates

78 The most profitable decision
in your life will be the most
~John Di Lemme

79 Whatever the mind of man 
can conceive and believe,
it can achieve.
~Napoleon Hill

80 Two roads diverged on a wood,
and I took the one less traveled by, and
that has made all the difference.
~Robert Frost

81 I've missed more than 9000 shots in
my career. I've lost almost 300 games. 26 times
I've been trusted to the game winning shot
and missed. I've failed over and over
and over again in my life. And that
is why I succeed.
~Michael Jordan

82 The most difficult thing is the decision
to act, the rest is merely tenacity.
~Emilia Earhart

83 Definiteness of purpose is the starting
point of all achievement.
~W. Clement Store

84 Life is what happens to you while
you're busy making other plans.
~John Lennon

85 We become what we
think about.
~Earl Nightingale

86 Life is 10% what happens to me
and 90% of how I react to it.
~Charles Swindoll

87 The best time to plant a tree was 
20 years ago. The second best time is now.
~Chinese Proverb

88 The two most important days in your
life are the day you are born and 
the day you find out why.
~Mark Twain

89 People often say that motivation doesn't
last. Well, neither does bathing. That's why
we recommend it daily.
~Zig Ziglar

90 There is only one way to avoid 
criticism: do nothing, say nothing, 
and be nothing.

91 Ask and it will be gives to you;
search, and you will find; knock and the
 door will be opened for you.

92 Go confidently in the direction of your
dreams. Live the life you have imagined.
~Henry David Thoreau

93 Everything you've ever wanted
 is on the other side of fear.
~George Add-air

94 Start where you are.
Use what you have.
Do what you can.
~Arthur Ashe

95 Every child is an artist. The problem
is how to remain an artist
once he grows up.
~Pablo Picasso

96 You can never cross the ocean
until you have the courage to 
lose sight of the shore.
~Christopher Columbus

97 Whether you think you can or you
think, you can't, you're right.
~Henry Ford

98 Your time is limited, so don't waste
it living someone else's life.
~Steve Jobs

99 Winning isn't everything, but
wanting to win is.
~Vince Lombardi

100 I've learned that people will forget
what you said, people will forget what you
did, but people never forget how 
you made then feel.
~Maya Angelou

Monday, February 9, 2015

How To Be Happy In Today's Times?

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HAPPINESS as the positive range of emotions that we feel when we are content as full of joy. Happiness to us is anything that can bring a smile to someone's face. We are in the business of spreading smiles and opening happiness every day all across the world. We know we might not change the world over night, but if we can add just a few smiles to the world then we've done our job.

Great Philosophers, Religious Leaders, Writers and Thinkers throughout human history have asked themselves this basic question. Through their wisdom we can learn and may be take just one more step on our own happiness journey.

Sometimes you'll find that happiness finds you when you least expect it.

How To Be Happy? 15 Steps On How To Be HAPPY:

1. Do What You Love: If your passion is playing soccer, writing poems, or teaching children how to swim, make time to do it. You’ll find that when you’re doing what you love, you’re filled with joy.

2. Spend Time With Your Loved Ones: There’s no replacement for spending quality time with your loved ones. We’re social beings, even if you’re an introvert or a loner. People love spending time with their friends and family for good conversation, bonding, and some laughs. Life’s too short to live it completely alone.

3. Share With Others: When we share our thoughts, our time, and our abilities with others we feel better for it. A life lived without sharing can become lonely. When you share with others, they’ll feel great towards you and help you to feel more joy in your own life.

4. Dump Negative Thinking: You already know that negative thinking will bring you down. So how do you stop it? Become more aware of it and try replacing your negative thoughts with some positive ones. Spend less time with negative people and more time with positive people.

5. Live Life In The Present Moment: Helen Keller once wrote, "When one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us." Don't regret or look longingly at the past and don't project your entire being into an unknown future. Choose to be happy this exact moment and remember: learns from the past, hope for the future, but live in the present.

6. Put Your Smile On: Numerous scientific studies suggest that smiling, even if you're just faking it, can help to determine if you feel happy or not. The very act of smiling releases endorphins into the body. Which increase your sense of well-being and over all happiness.

7. Choose To Be Optimistic: According to Forbes Magazine 40% of your happiness can be attributed directly to your outlook on day-t0-day life situations and challenges. So whether things are going good or bad, make a conscious choice to live an optimistic life of consequences and positivity.

8. Focus On Family And Friends: Studies have shown that men and women who have three or more supportive family relationships or friendships are less likely to suffer from metabolic, stress, blood pressure or cholesterol related diseases and ailments.

9. Money Doesn't Buy Happiness: More money might bring more possessions and comforts, but study after study has proven that more "things" never equate more happiness. Make enough money to meet your basic needs, anythings beyond this only serves to complicate life with extra stress and complexity.

10. Forgive And Forget: A University of Tennessee Study showed that those who regularly practiced forgiveness showed improved cardiovascular health, lower stress and more happiness.

11. Helps Others Be Happy: "Happiness is like a kiss." You must share it to enjoy it." -Bernard Meltzei. Spreading a little happiness is one of the most effective ways of bringing more happiness into your own life. The law of Reciprocity has been taught by spiritual teachers for millennia. If you give love, kindness and happiness unto the world then you can rest assured that more happiness is sure to flow back into your own life.

12. Don't Worry Be Happy: Human beings are not born into the world with a predisposition of fears, doubt and worry, worry has been one of the great detriments to humanity's physical, emotional and spiritual health since the dawn of time. So choose to live a life without worry. Worrying about an unknown future has never once brought a positive change to that future, so why bother worrying at all?

13. Laugh Out Loud: They say that laughter is the best medicine, and it's true University of California Researchers tested the effects of laughter on the body and found that laughter reduced stress significantly and also increased endorphin levels by over 27%.

14. Feed The Soul: Countless studies shown that those people who participate in Religious and Spiritual growth can handle stress better and are significantly happier. Perhaps it's the feeling of a greater purpose and calling, acceptance, or sense of community. Either way the benefits are clear that having a healthy spiritual life leads to a healthier and happy life.

15. Be Yourself: As Steve Jobs said, “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” Accept who you are, just be yourself, and you’ll feel a world of difference.

H a p p y P e o p l e

1. More Money does not mean more happiness! According to Forbes Magazine, happiness only changes with your level of wealth up to the average quality of life. Anything extra only complicates things and can make you less happy.

2. 10% of happiness is a result of your income 50% can be attributed to your genetics and developmental far-toss, and last 40% is simply your own dispositions and outlook on your day-to-day life situation's. After getting married: each partners happiness will have a tremendous spike, but over time will return to normal levels. In the same vein, people in committed relationships in general are happier than those who are single.

3. People who work: at jobs they are passionate about are happier than those who don't, regardless of the amount of money they are making.

4. Happy People: on average will live an extra nine years more than unhappy people.

5. Those who live: a genuine and honest life true to who they are as a person are happier than those who try to conform to social and peer pressures.

6. According to: the "USA TODAY" those people who document in a journal or simply talk about all the things in life they are thankful for are happier than those people who don't. So don't save all your gratitude's remarks for the thanks giving table live a life of gratitude every day.

7. Just the act of smiling: even if it's a fake one, will improve your happiness. A smile releases endorphin throughout the body, sending that happy and content feeling all over.

8. On average: happy people earn about $25,000 more per year than grumpy peopleHappy People: orient their life around 3 crore principles: family, friends and spirituality.

How To Be Happy In Life: An unassuming enough question, sure, yet, through its simplicity have spawned thousands of years of books, movies, music, spiritual teachings, classes, discussion and all manners of products under the sun.

You don't have to have all the answers to open up a little happiness for yourself or others. Take a look at our top 10 steps on how to be happy and see how you you can use these basic principles to take your life in that happiness directions!

We cannot simply rely on a 10-step guide. Don't think of these lessons as the "be all end all" to the road to true happiness, but think of them as a starting place. For true happiness is not a destination; but the journey of life itself!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Best Self-Esteem Quotes That Can Transform Your Life.

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Self-esteem is how we feel about ourselves. Our opinion of ourselves critically influences everything, from our performance at work, our relationships and our role as parents, to our accomplishments in life. Self-esteem is a major component in determining success or failure. High self-esteem leads to a happy, gratifying and purposeful life. Self-esteem gives you internal drive. Self-esteem is a feeling that comes from the awareness of what is good and having done it.....

“The self-image is the key to personality and human behavior. Change the self-image and you change yourality and behavior.” – Maxwell Maltz (author)

These inspirational self esteem quotes will help you see the wonder who you are. You got the power to win or to stop you from winning. Choose how to use it!

1. All that you need is deep within 
you waiting to unfold and reveal itself. 
All you have to do is be still and take
 time to seek for what is within and 
you will surely find it.
~Eileen Caddy

2. So long as you are still worried
about what others think of you, you are
owned by them. Only when you require
no approval from outside yourself
can you own yourself.
~Neale Donald Walsch

3. Everybody is genius. But if you
judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree,
it will spend its whole life believing
that it is stupid.
~Albert Einstein

4. All things splendid have been 
achieved by those who dared believed that
something inside them was superior
to circumstances.
~Bruce Barton

5. Everybody is unique.
Compare not yourself with anybody 
else lest you spoil God's Curriculum.
~Rabbi Israel Ben Eliezer

6. People are like a stained-glass windows,
They sparkle and shine when the sun is out,
but when the Darkness sets in their true beauty is  revealed only if there is light from within.
~Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

7. Most of the Shadows
of this life are caused by standing
in one's own Sunshine.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

8. If you're wearing a disguise for too long,
it will be difficult for the mirror to recognize you.
At the end of the day I hope you become
the person they didn't expect you to be.
Be proud to wear you.

9. To be beautiful means to be yourself,
You don't need to be accepted by others.
You need to accept yourself.
~Thick Nhat Hanb

10. You gain strength, courage and
confidence by every experience in which 
you really stop to look fear in the face.
~Eleanor Roosevelt

11. When people believe in themselves,
 they have the first secret of success.
~Normen Vincent Peale

12. The way you treat yourself, 
sets the standard for others.
~Dr. Sonya Fiedman

13. Nurture your mind with 
great thoughts, for you'll never go 
any higher than you think.
~Benjamin Disraeli

14. Never be bullied into silence.
Never allow yourself to be made a victim.
Accept no one's definition of your
life; define yourself.
~Harvey Fienstein

15. It took me a long time not to
judge myself through some else's eyes.
~Sally Field

16. Others people's opinion of you,
 doesn't have to become you reality.
~Les Brown

17. To establish true self-esteem
we must concentrate on our successes 
and forget about the failures and the
negatives in our lives.
~Denis Waitley

18. Don't ask yourself what the world needs, 
Ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then
go and do that. Because what the world needs
is people who have come alive.
~Howard Washington Thurman

19. There is only one corner of the
 universe you can be certain of improving, 
and that's your own self.
~Aldous Leonard Huxley

20. If you want a quality 
act as if you already had it.
~Williams James

21. Anyone who has never made 
mistake has never tried anything new.
~Albert Einstein

22. Why compare yourself with others?
No one in the entire world can do a better
job of being you than you.

23. To wish you were someone else
is to waste the person you are.

24. Accept everything about yourself,
I mean everything. You are you and that
 is the beginning and the end, 
no apologies, no regrets.
~Clark Moustakas

25. The tragedy is that so many people
look for self-confidence and self-respect
everywhere except withing themselves,
and so they fail in their search.
~Dr. Nathaniel Branden

26. Dare to love yourself
as if you were a rainbow with
Gold at both ends.

27. WHAT I
~Denise Lovertov

28. No bird soars too high,
if who soars on his own wings.
~William Blake


30. Be with ones......
who build you and your self-esteem,
Break up and move one. from the ones 
who use you or Bring you Down.
~Venkat Desieddy

31. Stop holding on to what hurts.
Reach for what makes you feel happy!

32. If you're not 
You can't be comfortable
with OTHERS.

33. The more we see ourselves as a vibrant,
successful, inspiring person who boldly declares
and manifests her vision, the more we
become just that.
~Kristi Bowman

34. Haters don't
 really hate you, they 
hate themselves
cause YOU'RE
a reflection
they wish
to be.

35. You are
Perfect Exactly
as You are.

36. Whatever you believe
 about yourself on the inside is what
 you will manifest on the inside.

37. The first step toward being 
loved is learning to love what you
 see when you look in the mirror.
~Tadahiko Nagao

38. Don't let what you 
can't do stop you from doing 
what you can do.
~John Wooden

39. If others want to define you,
don't linger in their pond.
Swim away from their ignorance
and find your Ocean.

40. NO ONE
can make you feel
without your consent.
~Eleanor Roosevelt

41. If you Care
 what others people Think,
You will always be
~Lao Tzu

42. No matter how badly people treat you,
NEVER drop down to their level, just know

43. The strongest factor for success is
self-esteem: Believing you can do it, believing
you deserve it. believing you will get it.

44. The toughest opponent
 of all is the one inside your head.

45. How people treat 
other people is a direct reflection of 
how they feel about themselves.

46. When someone judges you, 
it isn't actually about you. 
It's about them and their own
 insecurities, limitations, and needs.

47. People who 
shine from within don't need
the spotlight.

48. Worry about your character
and not your reputation, Because your
character is who you are
And your reputation
is only what
people think of you.

49. Never think that you're not good enough yourself. A man should never think that.
People will take you very much at
your own reckoning.
~Anthony Trollope

50. The man who does not value
himself, cannot value anything or anyone.
~Ayn Rand

Monday, February 2, 2015

How to build positive self-esteem

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We all know that self-esteem can be an important part of success. Too little self-esteem can leave people feeling defeated or depressed. It can also lead people to make bad choices, fall into destructive relationships, or fail to live up to their full potential. But what about too much self-esteem? Narcissism can certainly be off-putting and can even damage personal relationships.

Self-esteem levels at the extreme high and low ends of the spectrum can be damaging, so the ideal is to strike a balance somewhere in the middle. A realistic yet positive view of the self is often considered the ideal.

Turn Scars into Stars:  Self-esteem is the way we feel about ourselves. Self-image is the way we see ourselves. When we feel good the world look nice, productivity goes up and relationships are a lot better. The reverse is true. 

If you read the life histories of people who have turned a negative into a positive, adversity into advantage, stumbling blocks into stepping stones. They refuse to let disappointment and failures pull them down.

Some of the best music was composed by Beethoven; what was his handicap? He was deaf. Some of the best poetry written on nature was written by Milton. What was his handicap? He was blind. One of the greatest world leader was US President Franklin.O.Roosevelt. What was his handicap? He served from a wheelchair.

A person with high self-esteem could choose identical behavior for different reasons. He may be alone because he prefers solitude, whereas a person with low self-esteem prefers to be alone because he is uncomfortable in groups.

What a man thinks of himself; that is what determines, or rather indicates, his fate ~ Henry David Thoreau


1. Learn Intelligent Ignorance: Education teaches us what we can do and also teaches us what we cannot do.

I'm looking for a lot of men with an infinite capacity for not knowing what cannot be done ~Henry Ford

Henry Ford gave this world the V8 Engine. He did not have much formal education. In fact, he did not go to school beyond the age of 14. He was intelligent enough to know that a V8 Engine would be of great value to his company but he didn't know how to build it. So he asked all his highly educated or qualified people to build one. According to them, a V8 was impossible to build. But Henry Ford insisted on having his V8 Engine. A few months later he asked his people if they had the V8 and they replied, "we know what can be done. The V8 is impossibility," This went on many months and still Henry Ford said," I want my V8," And shortly therefore the same people who said it was impossible produce his V8 Engine.

Why? They let their imagination run beyond academic limitation. Education teaches us what can be done and sometimes also teaches us false limitations.

2. Do Something for others who cannot repay you in cash or kind.

Be a volunteers. It build self-worth. Helping others as you would expect others to help you gives a feeling of gratification. The process of giving without having expectations or getting anything in return raises one's self-esteem.

3. Learn to Give and Receive Compliments.

Don't miss out on any opportunity to give sincere compliment when others give you a compliment, accept it graciously and gracefully with two words,"Thank You." That is a sign of humility.

4. Accept Responsibility.

We need to accept responsibility for our behavior and our actions and insulate ourselves from excuses. We have to accept responsibility and stop blaming others then only then, will productivity and quality of life improve.

5. Practice Discipline.

Self-discipline does not kill you but builds it. You see people with talent and ability, and yet they are unsuccessful. They are frustrated and the some behavior pattern affects their business, their health, and their relationships with others. They are dissatisfied and blame it on luck without realizing that many problems are caused by lack of discipline.

6. Set Goals.

Well defined  goal give a person a sense of direction, a feeling of accomplishment when he reaches his goals. Goals is a sense of purpose and visions. They give meaning and fulfillment to life.

7. Associate with people of high moral character.

Negative influences come in the form of peer pressure. Associate with people of high moral character helps build self-esteem.

8. Become internally driven, not externally driven.

Happiness comes from being and not having. One can have everything in life and yet not happy. Happiness is internal. Happiness is like a butterfly. If  it, it keeps flying away. If you stand still, it comes and sits on your shoulder.

Set your own standards. Be honest to yourself. Compete against yourself. Do the following.
  • Look for the positive in every person and in every situation.
  • Resolve to be happy.
  • Make the best of every situation.
  • Learn to get over things. Don't brood.
  • Forgive yourself and others. Don't hold guilt or bear grudges.
  • Help others less fortunate than yourself.
9. Give yourself Positive Auto-Suggestions.

Develop the habit giving yourself positive self-talk your behavior reflects your belief system. Auto-suggestions affect your behavior by influencing your belief system.

10. Become a Good Listener.  Listening is a strength.

11. Have Patience.

A lot of times we hear people saying that one exposure to a positive or a negative material does not have any impact. That is not true. The difference may not be visible but something is happening.

Illustration: In China there is a bamboo tree that is planted watered and fertilized for the first four years and nothing happens. There is no visible sign of ears, the bamboo tree grows . But some time during the fifth years, the bamboo tree grows about 90 feet in six weeks. The question is: Did the bamboo tree grow? If the bamboo had not received water and fertilizer during the four years, when there was no visible sign of growth, would the plant had flourished? NO. The bamboo tree would have died. The lesson is clear. Have patience and faith and keep doing the right things. Even though the results may not be visible, something is happening!!